Home by Marilynne Robinson


Home is a companion novel to Marilynne Robinson’s Pulitzer-winning novel Gilead. While Gilead centred around the minister, John Ames, Home concerns the family of his friend, Presbyterian minister Robert Boughton. Boughton is dying and his youngest daughter, Glory, comes back to care for him. We learn that Glory has suffered her own loss and disappointments, yet she’s surprised when her wayward brother, Jack, arrives at the house one day. Jack has always been the black sheep of the family and the restless one who can’t stay rooted. Jack, though, is facing his own tribulations and keeping something from his family

In this work of literature, Robinson’s inimitable prose is poetic and graceful as always and through her writing, she gifts us a heartbreaking tale of all life’s disappointments, where are worth lies, and the grace that allows us to continue. Home is melodic and sparse but full of acceptance as they look to understand their place and find peace.

Home is not for everyone and I am a huge Marilynne Robinson fan! The beauty of this novel, for me, lies with her exquisite writing style and understanding and forgiveness she has for her characters even if they cannot forgive themselves. But for me it’s a beautifully sad novel about our disappointments to ourselves and each other written with insight and grace.


You reserve a copy on South Dublin Libraries’ catalogue here.


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