Until July by Aurora Rose Reynolds


To me, the Mayson family can do no wrong. I loved the parents’ story, and now thankfully, we get their kids stories. July was a great way to start this new generation series.

Meet July Mayson, daughter to Asher and November Mayson. She is a one tough cookie. She is a tough bike riding cookie, and I’m not talking about a ten-speed bicycle, I’m talking full on motorcycle.

July meets her boom -Wes Silver. Wes is in for a surprise. He isn’t looking for love but the minute she knocks him down he knows he has to know more about her. So he does what every Alpha male knows how to do- he goes after what he wants.

Not only do we get all the Mayson craziness, but we get a sexy biker with Wes Silver. Their meeting was classic – one to tell the grandchildren for sure.

So these two, you would think it would be smooth sailing; how wrong we are. Their first date is a complete bust, it’s such a bust that Wes ends up alone. So clearly these two aren’t going to have rainbows and butterflies. But then again is true love ever easy? The answer is no. It’s so much better when you have to fight for it, when you have to fight together in order to be one, and that is what they do.

If you are a fan of Aurora’s Until series – then you will not be disappointed with this book – and the best part is, there are a lot of more Mayson’s to be written about!

You can reserve a copy online at South Dublin Libraries’ catalogue here.




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