One by Sarah Crossan


Sarah Crossan is one of my favourite authors at the moment so when I heard this book was coming out I really wanted to read it. The book is in verse and it really adds to story emotionally as well as making it stand out.

 “One” is a story about twins Grace and Tippy. They are home schooled but their father is unemployed and their mother is made redundant. This book joins them as they start main stream school, Grace falls in love, they make new friends, they start new classes but they are also very different to everyone else- they are conjoined twins.

The book is told from the perspective of Grace and we see her ups and downs, her fears and worries. The sisters can never escape the stares and comments of people but also they can never get away from each other and considering their personalities are completely different his proves to be one of the most difficult things of all. Everything Tippi does affects Grace and everything Grace does has a knock on effect on Tippi. When Tippi starts to get sick however, the twins are faced with a terrible decision

This book is aimed at young adults but adults will equally enjoy it- I read it almost in one go from cover to cover.


This book has just won the CBI (Children’s Book Ireland) Book of the Year 2016!

You can reserve a copy on South Dublin Libraries’ catalogue online here.

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