Brilliant Book Titles #15

Some titles are, perhaps, best left unexplained.


You can reserve a copy online at South Dublin Libraries’ catalogue here.

Julian Baggini presents 100 thought experiments – short scenarios which pose a problem in a vivid and concrete way – and invites the reader to think about possible answers for him/herself. Experiments cover identity, religion, art, ethics, language, knowledge and many more. From Zeno’s paradox to Groundhog Day (how do you make sense of a life of eternal recurrence?), via the pig that wants to be eaten (so should you eat him?), Plato’s cave, Minority Report (is it right to punish people for what they are going to do, but haven’t yet done?), and an American Werewolf in London (how can we tell whether we are awake or dreaming?), this book makes philosophy not only mind-stretching but also entertaining.

4 thoughts on “Brilliant Book Titles #15

      • Here’s the review I wrote for my own Teaser Tuesday:

        Baggini makes old philosophical riddles, paradoxes, and questions relevant to today. You won’t need a college degree to understand his clear language, but don’t expect him to give you any answers, either. These short exercises are designed to make one think, after all!

        If Baggini has any faults they lie in his language as it relates to religion. Whereas he phrases most of his questions so that one can apparently choose between the many solutions without feeling guilty (or equally guilty as the case may be), Baggini’s language in the sections related to God make it clear one isn’t supposed to choose the God option.

        In the fairness of full disclosure, I am a religious person; however, I arrived there via existentialism. I’m perfectly fine with questioning/doubting/examining my faith, and I don’t push my views on others unless they ask for them, but Baggini can’t help but pass judgment. If it weren’t for this, I’d have given the book 5 stars.

        Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to some of his other works, especially “Should You Judge this Book by Its Cover?”

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