Run Swift, Run Free by Tom Caughran

run swift

I have just re-read this book after a long time, we picked it for our junior book club here in Ballyroan, a lot of the kids really enjoyed it and it sparked a great discussion. I remember loving this as a child and think we might have even read it in school, I liked it just as much time around.

The story centers around the fox cubs young black tip and little running fox and their friends and family and follows their adventures and struggles to survive in the Irish countryside. Much of the story is quite fast paced and keeps you on tenterhooks as the fox cubs come across many dangers and enemies. There is great attention to detail and I found out all kinds of information about our native wildlife and surroundings.

This the 3rd part of a trilogy although it’s not necessary to have read the other books beforehand. Children’s stories about animals are often timeless and I think that is true of this book which has won many awards including CBI Bisto book of the decade.

Kids aged around 9+ who like adventure and stories about animals should give this a read.

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