Foster by Claire Keegan


Just a short review of a little gem of a novella (a mere 88 pages) by Claire Keegan

Set in County Wicklow, Foster tells the story of an unnamed little girl who, as her worn out mother is heavily pregnant, is sent to stay with relatives temporarily. The Kinsella’s treat her with love and tenderness and show her a very different home life from the harried and hassled one that she has grown up in. However it becomes clear to the reader that they have suffered their own loss and heartbreak.

Kinsella evokes rural Ireland of some years ago beautifully. The characters, the day to day living, how they speak, and indeed what remains unsaid to one another.

The book is tender and moving and the prose are elegant yet simple in style. I read this in one sitting and thought it was beautiful, poignant and deeply moving. I have recommended it so many times that I may as well do it here once more!

You can reserve a copy online at South Dublin Libraries’ catalogue here.

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