Stoner by John Williams


Never has the title of a book been so misleading!

Published in 1965, Stoner managed to be as The New York Times described it in their 2006 classics review ‘ The Greatest American Novel you have never heard of’

This has all changed since it was reissued by Vintage and also Penguin Classics and in recent years it has topped best seller lists worldwide.

Stoner tells the life story of William Stoner, a young man from Missouri farming stock who heads off to University to study agriculture and instead falls head over heels in love with literature and thus sets off on a journey into Academia. We follow him through a life peppered with disappointment throughout.

Now here is why Stoner fully deserves all it’s praise. It is, quite frankly exquisite. Williams writes so sublimely and beautifully. If you were looking for a piece of elegant prose to quote, you could quite simply allow the book to fall open on any random page. William Stoner is a man who can look deeply into the tragedy’s of life and our human frailties and John Williams has crafted a character that makes me feel all manner of emotions. His writing is exquisite. I have reread this book many times as it is, simply put, perfect.

You can reserve a copy online at South Dublin Libraries’ catalogue here.

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