5 New Graphic Novels

the longest day in the futuer
The Longest Day of the Future by Lucas Varela (22 Sep 2016)
The crash of an extra-terrestrial flying saucer will, perhaps, change everything. This masterfully crafted, witty and irreverent graphic novel is the debut from Argentine cartoonist and graphic designer Lucas Varela. Inspired by the pioneering comic books of the early twentieth century, Varela has crafted a wordless thriller reminiscent of the work of silent master Jason. Under the guise of science fiction, Varela has spun a fable, almost an indictment, against consumerism and unfettered capitalism.

username regenerated
Username: Regenerated by Joe Sugg (22 Sep 2016)

Evie is safe at home, but her heart remains in e.scape, the virtual world her father created for her. She’s desperate to return, but the app that transports her has corrupted in the great reboot.

When besotted geek, Lionel, offers to help, he doesn’t just restore the gateway as she had planned. He opens up a series of revelations that calls into question everything Evie treasures in life. With a momentous discovery to be unearthed in the virtual realm, and an e.scape fugitive on the loose in reality, can our sidelined schoolgirl save not one world but two?

trees 2
Trees Volume 2 by Warren Ellis (29 Sep 2016)
Collecting the second TREES story, TWO FORESTS. A survivor of the Blindhail Event looks for signs of imminent global disaster among the megaliths and relics of Orkney, while the new mayor of New York plans to extract his revenge for the awful thing that happened the day the Tree landed on Manhattan

massive ninth wave
The Massive: Ninth Wave by Brian Wood & Gary Brown (29 Sep 2016)
In the pages of The Massive, the Ninth Wave was struggling to repair a broken world. But before that, they were the preeminent global environmental-rescue unit, taking on criminals, polluters, politicians and rogue states. The Massive: Ninth Wave tells these stories in a stylish, high-action, done-in-one format, reuniting the entire creative team from the original series. Critically acclaimed writer Brian Wood and artist Garry Brown go back to the beginning with the Ninth Wave environmental action unit.

cat rackham
Cat Rackham by Steve Wolfhand (29 Sep 2016)
The existential dread associated with getting out of bed terrifies Cat Rackham to his cat core. However, despite his efforts, he seems to consistently find himself dewclaw deep in trouble, often deeply strange trouble. All of his adventures are here along with a poem by Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward! Steve Wolfhard lives and works in the small town of Midland, Ontario, with his wife, two cats, and the occasional bat. He draws comics like Cat Rackham and Turtie Needs Work and works as a storyboard artist on the Emmy Award–winning animated televisions series Adventure Time.

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