Morning Sea by Margaret Mazzantini

morning sea.jpg

In this novel Mazzantini explores displacement and the effect that political chaos has on individual lives in this extremely short but intense story of Libyans seeking refuge in Italy and Italians seeking their lost past in Libya.

The book tells the story of two mother’s fight to protect their children’s future.

The Mediterranean, 2010. As rebels battle loyalists, Farid and his mother flee the wreckage of Tripoli for the coast, pinning their hopes on a trafficker’s rusting boat and the perilous crossing to Italy. Across the water, in Sicily, 18-year-old Vito has been raised on stories of a Libya he has never known, his mother one of the Italians exiled when Gaddafi came to power.

He ponders where he belongs and what to make of his life as he picks through the flotsam of past shipwrecks that wash up upon the shore.

The book moves back and forth between the continents. It highlights the dark and uncertain time refugees can face and deals with issues of war, migration and its consequences.

Although very well written I did find the story a little confusing at times. Nevertheless I would recommend it –because of the issues it covers in such a short novel.


You can reserve this item online at South Dublin Libraries’ catalogue here.

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