The Butterfly Shell by Maureen White

the butterfly shell

This is a story about Marie and her first year in secondary school. She ends up being bullied by the stupid six and finds fitting in to her new school traumatic. To deal with her emotions she starts cutting herself. Her only friend is Stella who is also on the outside of the cliques of school but who seems oblivious to everything

It is also story about family and loss. Marie once had a sister who died before she was born, also called Marie. Marie starts to hear the ghost her baby sister crying a night and the more depressed she becomes the more she seems connected to her sister and the butterfly shell

This story deals with some very sensitive topics and shows the effect that bullying can have on the recipient but also how Marie comes out the other end of the experience.  It also has an element of the supernatural which gives the story an interesting dimension.

“The Butterfly Shell” would suit ages 12+


You can reserve a copy online at South Dublin Libraries’ catalogue here.

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