Most Requested #4 – November 2016

An occasional monthly series of blog posts where I discuss the most requested books in Irish Libraries. Our library management system now caters for 17 authorities across the country and these are the most requested books across that system.

Today, I decided to do the top ten Most Requested, instead of the top five, as there’s a few new releases that are very popular in numbers 6-10.

Libraries’ recurring favourite thriller is still going strong with 81 holds.

Jeffrey Archer has always been a popular author, but with his Clifton Chronicles his popularity has shot through the roof, and this, the seventh and final volume which is out tomorrow is going to be huge! As soon as more people realise this book has been released, its holds will shoot up! Currently, it stands at 87 holds but not for long!



In joint seven place, two new biographies. The first of popular Irish rugby player Paul O’Connell has been flying off the shelves, as has the long-awaited Springsteen biography. Both current have 108 holds.

Connelly’s character, Harry Bosch, is a bona fide thriller phenomenon and this new volume is hotly anticipated with 121 holds.

#5 and #4

Two regulars on our Most Requested posts, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is keeping up the interest with 169 holds, as is Unravelling Oliver with 200 holds.

A new release that’s shooting up the charts, Harris’ (Fatherland, Enigma, The Ghost) new book is set in the Vatican, as the conclave in question try and decide who should be the next pope that’s been getting great reviews (The Guardian called it ‘unputdownable’). It currently has 287 holds.

A hundred holds? Two hundred holds? PAH! With 439 holds, this new release has climbed to (almost) the top of the chart. Graham Norton (yes, that Graham Norton – one of TV’s most popular chatshow hosts, Eurovision commentator and best cameo in Father Ted ever) has written his first novel, and its getting great reviews! Two from The Guardian call it ‘surprisingly sweet‘ and ‘a solid debut’ and John Boyne writing in The Irish Times says that writing is wasted on tv and writing looks like Norton’s true vocation.

lying in wait
This will be no surprise to regular readers of the blog. With 503 holds, Liz Nugent’s reign continues to grow! It’s like that year where Bryan Adams’ (Everything I Do) I Do It For You spent the entire summer at number one, except, I think Lying in Wait is probably much better (What? I’m not a Bryan Adams fan. #sorrynotsorry).

Anyway, that rounds up this double-sized edition of Most Requested. Until next month: same library time, same library channel.


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