Most Requested #5 – Dec 2016

A monthly series of blog posts where I discuss the most requested books in Irish Libraries. Our library management system now caters for 17 authorities across the country and these are the most requested books across that system.

A new entry into Most Requested with 102 holds this novel has been described as “an extraordinary hymn to small-town Ireland” and a “portrait of a universe in deriliction“.

born to run
Springsteen has beaten out fellow autobiography, The Battle by Paul McConnell, which last month had this same amount of holds as Springsteen. The Battle has gone from our reserve charts, but Born to Run is still going strong with 116 holds

Also still going strong (bolstered perhaps by another block of tickets being recently released and instantly snapped up) is the script to the Harry Potter play, which currently has 119 holds.

The Whistler by John Grisham.jpg
Another new entry into Most Requested, Grisham’s latest (dubbed a return to form by the NY Times) has entered our chart with 173 holds.

Climbing from 121 holds last month to 186 holds this month, Connolly’s new thriller is still going strong.

As predicted in last month’s Most Requested, Archer’s final Clifton Chronicles has shot up in holds, as people realise it’s been released – from 87 holds last month to 277 holds currently.

A writer without any need of introduction, Lee Child’s 21st Jack Reacher thriller smashes its way into our charts with 335 holds

Harris’ popular thriller is going from strength to strength; from 287 holds last month to a whopping 436 holds this month.

lying in wait
What is this? Liz Nugent’s 2016 smash is at number two? And with a whopping 502 holds? Who on earth has beaten out this year’s hottest thriller?

Holding‘s popularity continues to rise and rise, leading to an absolutely mesmerising 768 holds (!!). Huge congratulations to Norton on the success of his first novel!


And that’s it for this month! Tune in after Christmas to see what’s hot, who’s where, and what’s topping the charts in Most Requested!


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