Local Girl Missing by Claire Douglas


Local Girl Missing is a tense psychological thriller. Part ghost story, part psychological drama, it caught my interest from the first page and kept me guessing to the end.

It’s a dreary afternoon, just after lunch, when I finally found out that you’re dead.

A body’s been found and Frankie is drawn back to the seaside town of Oldcliffe-On-Sea. It’s a place where seagulls squawk early in the morning and there’s a smell of fish and chips in the air. It’s a faded seaside place, a claustrophobic town where everyone knows everyone-A place where Frankie would sooner forget.

Could the body be that of Sophie, Frankie’s best friend who disappeared off the old pier after a night out 20 years ago??

The story is about possessive friendships. The action slips between the past 1997 (when Sophie went missing) and present day. Frankie narrates the present day while Sophie narrates the past.

What actually happened? Will the truth ever come out? And if it does at what cost? I won’t spoil it but I will say that this book is gripping, claustrophobic and unpredictable….. You will not be able to put it down!


You can reserve a copy online at South Dublin Libraries’ catalogue here.

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