Happy Christmas from Ballyroan Reads!

So, all of us here at Ballyroan Reads would like to wish ye all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (or Happy Holidays, or just Happy Time Off Work?).

Thanks for all the reposts, comments and likes during the year.

….but we’re not done yet.

We’ll have our last Brilliant Book Title of the year tomorrow, as well as a review. And on Christmas Eve, we’ll have an extra-special christmass-y book review. And to prevent the post-Christmas, pre-New Years slump, Ballyroan Reads will be doing our BOOKS OF THE YEAR. Join us on Tues 27th and Thurs 29th to find out which books were the cream of the crop! Normal service resumes on the blog resumes on the 3rd January.

Also, Ballyroan Library closes for Christmas Friday 23rd December at 1pm (note the earlier than usual closing time) and re-opens on Tuesday 3rd January at 9.45am, but don’t worry, if you need a library fix, all of our services such as our ebooks, magazines, language learning, etc are all available 24/7 through our website.

Anyway, enough of that – it’s Christmas! See you on the 27th for Books of the Year Part 1.

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