The Book of Learning by E. R. Murray


When Ebony Smart’s grandfather dies under strange circumstances she is sent from her cottage in the countryside to live with her Aunt in atmospheric 23 Mercury lane in Dublin. Ebony’s family has a mysterious background, she is part of a society of people who reincarnate and have 9 lives. Over the years people from the order have been disappearing and Ebony makes the discovery that her Grandfather was murdered. She finds herself caught up in a race to find out what has been happening to people from the order of nine lives. Ebony is very mistrustful and suspicious of everyone except Winston her pet rat and starts to rely on the mysterious book of learning found in the study of Cornelius, her most unusual uncle.

The story is full of quirky  characters, is fast paced and compelling and is set against the back drop of Dublin.Lots of the action takes place around well-known places  such as the National Library, St Stephen’s Green and the Botanic Gardens. This all helps to make the story come to life and appear more real.  There is a lot going on in the plot and it’s quite spooky in places which I love, slightly older readers around 9+ should enjoy this.


You can reserve a copy online at South Dublin Libraries’ catalogue here.


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