Most Requested #6 – Jan 2017

A monthly series of blog posts where I discuss the most requested books in Irish Libraries. Our library management system now caters for 17 authorities across the country and these are the most requested books across that system.

And it’s back in our chart again for the new year, this time with 91 holds.

Joint Seventh (3-way tie!)

New entrant, Anthony Horowitz, joins two other thriller writers with their latest offerings, all three having 177 holds.

Another new entrant, the perenially popular author of Staring at Lakes and Hanging With The Elephant‘s new book, is flying up the charts with 210 holds.

However, the seventh and final book in the Clifton Chronicles far outstrips Mr Harding, shooting up the charts with 324 holds.

Night School is Lee Child’s 21st Jack Reacher book which tells a tale of Reacher from his younger days, back in 1996. It currently has a fantastic 397 holds.

lying in wait
3rd? Lying in Wait is third? I must say I’m shocked – I thought Nugent’s grip would last a couple of more months, but these things ebb and flow and no doubt it’ll head back up for #1 or 2 soon enough as those just finished tell their friends. Perhaps they’ve all reserved it – and that’s why this book has 423 holds.

As the quote says, Harris is the ‘master of the intelligent thriller’ and he has clearly been missed by the public since his last book, as this book currently has 457 holds.

300 holds? 400 holds? Pah! Graham Norton doesn’t mess about. His debut novel has shot to the top of our charts, and with a staggering 905 holds (!), he’s not going anywhere soon.


That’s all for this month! Join us next month to see who’s up, who’s down, and if everyone has read Holding yet….

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