Fight Club 2 by Chuck Palahniuk and Cameron Stewart


Firstly, do meta-narratives annoy you? By that I mean, books that know they’re books, books that feature their author as a character. If so, then perhaps avoid this.

That said, I loved it.

Whilst Chuck Palahniuk is a character throughout the whole book, his presence is not too overbearing. It does however provide an interesting device to explore how characters can grow independent of their authors (and author’s intentions – Tyler, has been around for a LOT longer than anyone thought) and how the movie impacted culture (and how some people don’t even know there’s a book).

The plot, concerns the narrator (now named Sebastian), and his life with Marla and their son (or, as he puts it, “the consequences of sport fucking”) after the first book where he’s now medicated and seeing a therapist. What he doesn’t realise is that twice a week, when he’s undergoing hypnosis, Tyler is waking up to run the world.

The plot is faintly ridiculous at times but it works really well in the meta-framework they’re using. I don’t really want to spoil it, but the whole book is an interesting new addition to the canon of, and the story of, Fight Club.

Also, in the collected version, you get the Free Comic Book Day issue of Fight Club 2, which illustrated in comic form, the original ending of the novel – which was changed in the film.

A beautifully drawn book by Cameron Stewart too, and a shoutout to whomever did the layouts – which at times, can obscure (on purpose) what a character is saying, to great dramatic effect. An example (of a very early, spoiler-free page of the book) is below.


Highly recommended. And on a final note, if you’re waiting for the movie version, don’t – they’ll never , can’t ever, make a movie out of this.


You can reserve a copy online at South Dublin Libraries catalogue here.

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