Gold by Geraldine Mills

gold geraldine mills.png

Gold is a dystopian children’s fiction book for ages 10/11+ set in the future after a climate change has taken its toll on the earth, volcanic eruptions have destroyed the world, terrible storms ravage the landscape and the bees have become extinct which means people have to try and pollinate plants themselves to have food to eat.

Starn and Esper find a book in a forbidden room in their apartment, very rare as everyone uses electronic E-pistle’s, books usually only exist in Biblion where the defender of the page controls what book is on display each day. In the book is a map which leads to treasure, but it is on one of the islands near their home, impossible to reach as the seas are infested with dangerous zanderhags and aeroplanes don’t exist anymore. Starn hatches a plan to get to the islands and find the treasure and so their adventure starts in trying to escape their home and the nasty Sagittars who rule the orchard territory . This book is a great read, a thought provoking page turner which leaves me wondering what happens next at the end of the book.


You can reserve a copy online at South Dublin Libraries’ catalogue here.

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