Brilliant Book Titles #88


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You can reserve a copy online at South Dublin Libraries’ catalogue here.

If you have a teenage girl, there’s a 50 percent chance she’s already sexually active and a 33 percent chance she’s been solicited by an online predator in the past year. How prepared is she for the risks and realities of sex?

You hold in your hands a comprehensive crash course for girls into staying safe ― emotionally, mentally, and physically ― while navigating the danger-laden worlds of teenage sex and sexuality in a digital age. This book is the first of its kind for girls and young women ages 12-24, and for parents of girls as young as 8.

Your teen will learn proven, effective ways to:
Avoid pregnancy, and HIV and other sexually transmitted infections
Stay safe online and avoid sexual harm
Ask someone out (and let someone down easy)
Understand bodies and body issues, both male and female
Accept that sexuality comes in all shapes and sizes
Know the consequences of abstinence, indulgence, and everything in between
Decide what is right for her, remaining true to herself and respectful of others
In language that’s relatable, unflinchingly honest (and often funny), veteran sex educator Langford offers a powerful supplement to those notoriously awkward parent-daughter sex talks, answering the tough questions that teenage girls really have ― but would rather die than ask.

Jo Langford is a certified counselor and sex educator who for two decades has provided outreach programs in high schools, residential medical, and psychiatric settings. He is the author of Spare Me the Talk: A Guy’s Guide to Sex, Relationships, and Growing Up, a Sex Offender Treatment Provider and adjunct faculty for Saybrook University’s Washington campus. He can be reached at

2 thoughts on “Brilliant Book Titles #88

  1. Love this! My mum always had books around for my sister and I to read to learn about our bodies and our selves in general. Of course, they were there before the internet was an “in home” thing. We got our first computer when I was maybe 10 or so and the internet later on. It would have been fantastic to have information on online predators when the internet first came about, I had a few very questionable men asking to meet, etc. kind of scary looking back!

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