Lead Me Not by Ann Gallagher


Isaac Morris has devoted his life to preaching against the sin of homosexuality. But when his sister proposes a documentary to demonstrate once and for all that it’s a choice—with Isaac choosing to be gay as proof—he balks. Until he learns his nephew is headed down that perverted path. Isaac will do anything to convince the teenager he can choose to be straight . . . including his sister’s film.

When Isaac’s first foray into the gay lifestyle ends with a homophobic beating, he’s saved and cared for by Colton Roberts, a gentle, compassionate bartender with a cross around his neck. Colton challenges every one of Isaac’s deeply held beliefs about gay men. He was kicked out by homophobic parents, saved from the streets by a kind pastor, and is now a devout Christian. Colton’s sexuality has cost him dearly, but it also brought him to God.

As the two grow closer, everything Isaac knows about homosexuality, his faith, and himself is called into question. And if he’s been wrong all along, what does that mean for his ministry, his soul, his struggling nephew—and the man he never meant to love?


I loved this.

I read the blurb and the premise intrigued me. I knew that in other hands it could be campy and unbelievable but that in Miss Witt’s hands it would work. And work it did.

I loved Colton and Issac, Colton more so (which is understandable considering where you start with Issac, with him shouting abuse at people at a Pride parade).

Both characters were really well-drawn. I really liked the supporting characters too; Ruth, Griffin, Issac’s family, Pastor Mike.

This book isn’t as steamy as L A Witt’s other stuff, and in the context of the story, it totally works, in fact, proper L A Witt sex would seem totally out of place here. It also (and this probably goes without saying) is very heavily about religion given Issac’s family and Colton being heavily involved with his own, more liberal, church.

An interesting, modern story of a man struggling with himself. What I liked was even after they (inevitably, it is a romance after all) Issac still had a lot of doubts.

I loved this. I loved the pacing, how it progressed. When the shit hit the fan, it was 3am and I had to put it down and couldn’t get back to it for, like, 18 hours, and I spent the whole time wondering what was going to happen next.

Even the ending, which could seem a little easy, wasn’t. Well-paced, thoughtful, meditative and romantic, I highly recommend this.


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