Bluewater Blues by G. B. Gordon


This is a solid addition to the Bluewater Bay canon. Jack Daley runs the local shop, Your Daley Bread (yes, really) with his autistic sister, Margaret. Mark Keao is a costume designer on Wolf’s Landing, local big budget Hollywood TV show that has transformed this sleepy town.

Jack meets Mark, and given that he basically parented his sister, is completely unfazed by Mark’s autism. On the spectrum, Margaret is more severe than Mark, and the treatment of autism in this book was in-depth, fascinating, and had a huge impact on the romance; specific issues such as touch, sex, or sleeping together, and how that works with an autistic character, was really interesting. All three characters were very well drawn, as were their hobbies/loves (music, books, antique hunting).

This was a solid four star read – the only reason it didn’t get a full five was that the underlying mystery of why Jack and his sister moved there, when addressed, seemed to fizzle out. I wanted more of a definitive resolution to that, and unfortunately didn’t get one.

Still, this book has a lot to recommend it, and given that Bluewater Bay is looking to do lots of different types of romance, this is a perfect fit. And since I’m reading the series out of order (which is fine, since they stand alone), I’ll definetly be reading Gordon’s previous BWB book, When to Hold Them.


You can reserve a copy online at South Dublin Libraries’ catalogue here.

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