Just Drive by L. A. Witt


I love L. A. Witt. She has written some brilliant books (eg., Starstruck, If the Seas Catch Fire) and some that just didn’t grab me (eg., Rules of Engagement).

Something about this book didn’t work for me. I liked the book all well and good – it was fine but I didn’t feel particularly connected to the characters, I think because they were trying to deny their connection all along. Also, Witt writes from no sex, to some, to lots, to FULL ON KINKY and there was quite a bit of sex in this book (a little too much for me, but given the relationship – what it is, and how they deal with it – it makes perfect sense)

Sean is a full-time student, part-time taxi driver, and son of a Military Man. One night he picks up the freshly dumped older Paul and they start a whirlwind affair, comprised initially of some hot and heavy hook-ups, and naturally feelings develop.

I liked both characters but I didn’t love them, if you know what I mean. I understand why they can’t be together (Paul is Sean’s Dad’s boss) and that that’s a big deal in the military but it didn’t feel it to me – that’s probably just me though. I never really got completely sucked into their relationship, there’s a bit of a dreamlike quality to it, especially the ending. I really liked the town of Anchor Point though, and will definitely be reading the next Anchor Point books (and I’m eager to read the next book where Travis, supporting character in this book, gets his own story). A solid romance, with lots of angst and sex, that unfortunately wasn’t for me, but as I said, I’m looking forward to the rest of the series (the second book of which, based on supporting character Travis, is out now too).

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