The Now Habit by Neil Fiores

the now habit

As one who is prone to procrastination, just ask the co-ordinator of these book reviews by library staff, I felt the need to tackle this annoying habit of mine. Of course, I had the book at home for a fortnight before I settled down to read it. So, for all of you fellow sufferers out there , who always put off until tomorrow what you can do today, don’t worry, help is at hand.

The book promises to be a “strategic programme for overcoming procrastination and enjoying guilt-free play. I have to admit the idea of “guilt- free play” was the most attractive bit of that statement. As any procrastinator knows, the amount of time spent feeling guilty about not doing something, far exceeds the time it would take to complete the dreaded task. Fiore takes a very cognitive approach to the subject, looking at the origins of the problem, moving on to what are the benefits we enjoy from this seemingly unproductive behaviour. He then brings you through the steps necessary to change your outlook, behaviour, thinking and outcomes. All this is presented in a very engaging, supportive manner and the chapters are short and focused enough not to be off-putting to those with short attention spans. This is a book to be worked through over time, rather than digested in one sitting. I would recommend it highly. I am now a recovering procrastinator, hey, I’ve even managed to produce this book review in time for my latest deadline. So, stop thinking about it, get the book- now!


You can reserve a copy online at South Dublin Libraries’ catalogue here.

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