Pickup Men by L. C. Chase


First LC Chase book for me, and I really liked it.

Martin Fairgrave is a rodeo pickup man and in a relationship, and in love with, World Champion bull rider, the closeted Tripp Colby. What follows is a relatively straightforward but detailed and likeable romance.

Marty is fed-up of being Tripp’s little secret and after Marty is in an accident in the Rodeo, and Tripp doesn’t even check on him, Marty’s had enough, and dumps him. This sets the pair of them on a voyage of discovery about themselves and each other.

Liked Marty and Tripp’s story, and the very plausible romance between a main and a secondary character – it even had me wondering if perhaps, they’d go off together instead of the main characters. The secondary characters are well drawn and the book well-written, giving a real flavour of Rodeo life. Looking forward to reading the next two books in the series (Let it Ride and Pulling Leather) which look very intriguing from their synopses!


You can reserve a copy online from South Dublin Libraries’ catalogue here.

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