All the Wrong Places by Ann Gallagher


Ann Gallagher is the pseudonym of L. A. Witt (who also writes under lots of different names!) that focuses on the less-steamy side of romance. I’d previously loved her first book under this name, Lead Me Not, (reviewed on the blog here) and was signed up and ready when I read that she was doing a Bluewater Bay book.

Both Bluewater Bay and L A Witt in particular are not afraid to try new things, and this is certainly a very different romance. It’s an asexual romance, where neither character has sexual feelings towards the other but do have romantic feelings. The book casually gives the reader a lot of information about asexuality, while not feeling like its dumped on you. The main reason for this is that Brennan is just figuring out that he’s asexual, after a string of failed relationships, and Zafir is helping dip his toe into this new world.

Both characters are very well written and loved their budding romance, although while I cheered for them throughout, given the lack of physical attraction, it felt very ‘quiet’ as a book. Subdued even. Still, I liked the characters and their relationship, I just missed the heart-thumping romance that goes with physical attraction. Still, a solid book from Gallagher, and a great addition to the Bluewater Bay series.


You can reserve a copy online at South Dublin Libraries’ catalogue here.

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