Etching Our Way by Abigail Davies and Danielle Dickinson

etching our way.jpg

Wow just wow! I was so lucky to get an advanced copy of Etching Our Way by two amazing authors Abi and Dani. This is the first co-written book with these two authors, I’ve read their individual books and loved them. I was looking forward to this read and intrigued.

This book starts with heartbreak and this continues throughout the book. At points I wanted to hit Tristan across the head and tell him to wake up and open his eyes. But on the other hand my heart broke for him and his family. Harmony was just a strong woman that in real life I feel I could be good friends with.

This book was amazing, I was hooked from the first chapter. It was such a rollercoaster of emotions and I found the tears falling at points throughout. I felt Both Tristan and Harmony’s heartbreak. There was fab secondary character’s which is a must for me and we will get more in this series from these authors which has me very excited!

A must read, pick it up you wont regret it!

Also check out their Spotify playlist for Etching Our Way! I love a good playlist!…    


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