Henry and Glenn Forever & Ever by Tom Neely and Friends

henry and glenn.jpg

I’ve always been a big fan of Henry Rollins. I love his speaking tours, where he can talk for three hours almost, it seems, without taking a breath. I had heard of this comic, where Henry Rollins and Glenn from Danzig are portrayed as a gay couple, and thought I’d give it a try. It struck me as curious that these two were chosen for the protagonists. Henry, bless him, has never read it, but knows it exists and doesn’t have a problem with it (he’s also very pro-gay rights). Mostly, these are a lot of short stories about Henry & Glenn’s relationship, which at times can be quite sweet. However, a lot of the stories are wisps of nothing and, whilst some of the art is gorgeous (Neely’s and Wuvable Oaf’s Ed Luce’s art – and Oafie turns up in this too!), a lot of it is – well – terrible. The comic’s roots as a zine shows through and the more I read of this collection, the more that I felt it didn’t warrant a collection. I wish instead of lots of friends telling mostly pointless stories, that Neely used this space to tell his own story, with his own art, both of which are strong in places, but sadly that didn’t happen. Might be worth looking at for curiousity sake, but that’s about it unfortuneatly. (I really hate writing bad reviews, but sometimes they have to be done!)

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