Vlog Like a Boss by Amy Schmittauer


Anyone who has an interest in blogging, will probably have thought about starting a vlog – I know I have! But vlogging can be a daunting business. It means putting yourself in front of the camera, warts and all!

So to help me get over my fear of starting a vlog, I picked up Vlog Like a Boss by Amy Schmittauer. Amy is the vlogger behind Savvy Sexy Social on YouTube and is a vlogging machine. If anyone can teach you about vlogging, it’s Amy.

My first impressions of the book when I bought it were good. It’s a fairly simple read, not too long so you could definitely read it over the weekend.

The book is well laid out. She starts off by talking about her own YouTube journey. This provides a great lesson to any blogger/vlogger out there that wants to get on the radar of someone better known in their niche. Amy was able to get a major influencer – Gary Vaynerchuk to notice her, just as she was beginning to grow her channel. Being creative is more of an asset than having huge numbers when you are starting out.

Amy goes through the three fears that people have when they start vlogging – 1) Fear of the Gear, 2) Fear of Personality, 3) Fear of ROI. When I tell bloggers that they need to embrace, the common excuses I hear are – “Oh I don’t have a proper camera”, “I hate how I look and sound on camera”, “I don’t have a nice place to film”, “I don’t think I have anything to vlog about” etc. If you nodded your head to any of those comments, Amy’s book will set you in the right frame of mind. There is a quote that I love from the book, it gives me hope and inspiration. “You don’t build a portfolio and a career of over 1,000 videos waiting for conditions to be perfect”. This is the mindset you need to embrace when you start doing video.

Another useful section of Amy’s book is how she breaks down the formula for videos. If you are struggling with structuring your videos, this will help you know exactly what the elements are for a great video. It’ll also provide you with a checklist so you never miss anything.

Overall, I think this book is great for anyone who is a complete newbie to vlogging. If you’ve been vlogging for a while, this book might not be as useful. However if you’ve been vlogging but struggling to grow your audience, this book will help you identify what might be going wrong.

You can reserve a copy online at South Dublin Libraries’ catalogue here

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