Books of the Year (Part 1)

Welcome to the first of two posts detailing our Books of the Year! Today, here are four of our Books of the Year:

Mark’s pick
This book was the first book I reviewed this year, and in it, I said that it would’ve been my book of the year for 2016. I wondered if anything would beat this book, but nothing did. This suspenseful mystery had me stop everything to finish it. Highly recommended (and her new book, Object of Desire, is out in May next year – which I shall be immediately buying).
[Original review here]

Eleanor’s Pick
grudge match
As always, Jessica Gadziala gives us a great story with fun characters and allows us to escape into a world I’ve fallen in love with. She has the most amazing ​secondary characters that make her stories so great and this is why I picked this book as my book of the year 2017
[Original review here]

Helen’s pick
Anne Enright’s writing is extraordinary. What a gifted author, this work is full of savage, seering truth and it strikes an uncomfortable note of recognition in the heart. The Green Road is a remarkable embodiment of highs and lows of family, attachment, love and self awareness. Bloody magnificent!
[Original review here]

Maria’s pick
kolyma tales
”The Kolyma Tales”, often characterized as the greatest prose work of the 20th century, is a most powerful reading on gulag literature and on man’s ability to survive under the most harrowing conditions.
[Original review here]


What’s your book of the year? Let us know in the comments!
See you on the 29th for Part Two!

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