Will We Be Brilliant or What? by John Spillane


This book will appeal to a growing group of people who know and love the songs of “the Cork bard”, John Spillane. The book can be enjoyed as a stand- alone work but really, do yourself a favour and seek out the music of this most poetic of musicians/songwriters. Together, the book and songs enhance enjoyment and understanding of both. John’s songs embody positivity, even the sad songs are uplifting. His work is life affirming, emotionally honest and highly evocative of a sense of place, while still managing to have universal resonance. “is that brilliant or what?”, as john might say. It is very satisfying to get the back story on such well known and much loved songs.

This is a delightful book, to be dipped into and enjoyed in short bursts, rather than read from cover to cover. All the songs are wonderful but the stand out ones personally are: “I’m going to set you free”,”The dance of the Cherry Trees”,and  “The Dunnes Store Girl” and my all-time favourite, “All the ways that you wander”. John Spillane’s songs can be seen to provide a soundtrack to one’s life, with all it’s sunshine and shadows. This book is a real tonic, guaranteed to uplift the spirit, with it’s beautiful depiction of nature and the wonderfully optimistic and respectful attitude of the author to all human beings, no matter what their social position or struggles in life. Cheer yourself up, read this book!


You can reserve a copy online at South Dublin Libraries’ catalogue here.

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