Fairy Tales by Joanne Larby


The term ‘online influencer’ has entered into common usage when it comes to talking about those bloggers and Instagramers who use these platforms to showcase and document their lives as well as advertise items to their followers. One of the largest ‘online influencers’ in Ireland is Joanne Larby, or as she is better known to her followers, ‘The Makeup Fairy’.

As the name suggests, one of Joanne’s passion is makeup and beauty. She also regularly blogs about fitness, travel and life advice. It is these topics that make up most of the content of her book ‘Fairy Tales’.

Joanne’s book is a mix of autobiography, life advice, beauty and fitness tips and a large dollop of relationship guidance.

Overall, I enjoyed Joanne’s book. I learned a lot about her personal life, especially before she started blogging. If you have recently started following Joanne on her social media, it’s a great way to get to know her quickly and see how it shapes her personality.

The parts of the book focused on relationships was full of good advice when it comes to dating and making sure that you don’t settle. I also enjoyed the health and fitness tips. Joanne has gone from a plus-size model to a fitness model so has spent a lot of time and effort changing her body shape. She honestly talks about the struggles and the rewards that come from this journey. This is definitely a book that promotes body confidence and looking after yourself.

The only criticism I would have is that some of the information provided by Joanne is out of date, especially regarding her favorite makeup products. From watching her Snapchat and Instagram, it’s obvious that she now has new products that she prefers.

Overall, this is an easy read and is perfect for anyone that is interested in bloggers or vloggers. It gives an inside peak into the life of an ‘online influencer’.


You can reserve a copy online at South Dublin Libraries’ catalogue here.

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