How to Bullet Plan: Everything You Need to Know About Journaling with Bullet Points by Rachel Wilkerson Miller

how to bullet plan

Bullet journaling is having a moment right now. You can’t go on Instagram, YouTube or Pinterest without a beautifully laid out bullet journal open on a white marble desk greeting you.

So what is a bullet journal? Well Rachel describes it as a system for writing down all the thing you want to remember in a single notebook. Everything from things you want or need to do, things you’ve already done, your thoughts and observations – basically encompassing all parts of your life.  What sets bullet journaling apart from a regular diary is that you use a handful of symbols to help categorise the information. Therefore you have a system in place to help keep track of information. In simple terms, it’s basically a to-do list, diary and planner all rolled into one.

As someone who works in a library, I obviously love being organised and having a system to follow. I always have a planner on the go, but I often wondered was I using it the most efficient  way possible.

The main reason I loved this book was that Rachel demonstrated in easy to follow photos, how to lay out your diary in many different ways , depending on your planning needs. They were all so simple but effective. If the overly intricate and complicated bullet journals on Pinterest make you anxious, you will love the examples in this book.

The book includes examples of monthly, weekly and daily spreads. As well as financial, meal-planning, travel and health & fitness spreads. There is no aspect of your life you can’t organise.

If you want to embrace bullet journalling, this is the perfect introductory book!

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