Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff

fire and fury

No book in recent times has captured the attention of the media quite like Fire and Fury has. With the Trump Presidency having just completed it’s first tumultuous year, the time was ripe for an insider account of the White House.

First impressions of the book were that is was rushed. It’s full or typos and errors. It’s obvious that getting the book to print was the main goal of the book, rather than having a final edit. But under the circumstances, that’s understandable.

There are no real revelations in the book, especially to anyone who has kept a close eye on US Presidential politics. The chief ‘revelations’ are that Trump never expected to win the Presidency, Melania Trump isn’t happy with the intrusion the Presidency has had on her and their son, Barron’s lives; and that people like Steve Bannon, Jared Kushner etc all had their own agendas when working at the White House. It’s obvious that Wolff had a lot of access to Steve Bannon and there is much extolling by Bannon of his virtues while berating the rest of the staff.

Wolff certainly makes the case, without saying outright, that President Trump is unstable and raise alarm about his fitness for office. But much of the anecdotes used to present this argument cannot be verified. Although Trump’s own tweets may be a strong enough case in itself.

This book is not a brilliant or insightful volume and it is definitely not an academic work. I don’t believe it will have much relevance or impact after 2018. No doubt, better informed and researched books will be published. Personally I wouldn’t recommend the book.


You can reserve a copy online at South Dublin Libraries’ catalogue here

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