Into? by North Morgan


I nearly abandoned this book a number of times. It’s very easy to read, I’ll give it that. But it’s one of those satirical books that satirises vapid people with vapid lives. Everything is pretty much surface. And unless you’re Bret Easton Ellis, that is rarely entertaining (and even then, only sometimes).

Into? is as someone said ‘Less Than Zero with an Instagram account’. It details the life of Konrad Platt who moves to the US after breaking up with his cheating boyfriend and details his quest for conquest – for a book all about desire, it’s very short on actual descriptions of sex, but that of course is the point. Everything is filtered through the social media sheen, an Instagram filter.

And whilst the book and its relentless vague details of another Facebook conversation with a new man is interesting for a while, it just becomes, well… boring.

About halfway through, something relatively real happens: Konrad’s boyfriend essentially turns out to be an emotional Catfish, he’s moved in but wants nothing to do with him, won’t sleep with him and is living off him financially. But even this feels unreal. It doesn’t last. And Konrad is back to pool parties and circuit parties and – did I mention the book is in 69 chapters (*sigh).

Look, I get it. I applaud what Mr Morgan set out to do but satire always runs that knife-edge of becoming what it satirises, and Into? unfortunately does. I would recommend instead Guillaume Dustan’s In My Room which – also whilst not perfect, and definitely with its flaws (and out of print) – does the same thing but more successfully and in early 90’s Paris.


You can reserve a copy online at South Dublin Libraries’ catalogue here.

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