Cornish Cafe Series by Phillipa Ashley


If you are looking for the perfect light summer read, I would suggest you check out the Cornish Cafe series by Philipa Ashley.

The first book in the series is called Summer at the Cornish Cafe and it is in this book that we are introduced to our main characters, Cal and Demi. Cal has taken up the task of renovating his holiday resort, Kilhallon Park, which was run by his father. Set above a Cornish cove, the once popular tourist resort has now gone to wreck and ruin. Cal dives head first into the project and along the way meets Demi, who is the perfect match for Cal. Together they work on transforming the resort and turning one of the old outhouses into a cafe that Demi hopes to run.

The second book is called Christmas at the Cornish Café. This book is a festive, feel-good follow-up to the first and continues the story of Cal and Demi’s life at the Cornish Cafe.

Finally the last book in the series is called Confetti at the Cornish Cafe and brings together all the characters and storylines from the previous books.

I enjoyed these books as the dynamic between Cal and Demi was interesting and it kept me guessing to how everything was going to work out. I also found it included story-lines, like the Syrian refuge crisis, that you wouldn’t expect to find in a romance book. I couldn’t wait to finish each book to continue onto the next. If you want to get lost in the Cornish Isles for a few days, I would definitely recommend giving this series a look.


You can reserve these books from South Dublin Libraries’ catalogue here.

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