Brilliant Book Titles #249


Sam Sax’s A Guide to Undressing Your Monsters, a runner up for the 2013 Button Poetry Prize.

“Sam Sax is an absolutely dazzling poet. A Guide to Undressing Your Monsters will rivet you, while it is shaking you up. These are poems of high velocity exploration and fiercely inquisitive passion.”
Naomi Shihab Nye, Author of Transfer

“Forgive my bluntness, but…Goddamn, Sam Sax can write some poems. Devastating, comic, inventive, weird, dangerous, smart as hell. I could talk about the diction sometimes glass and sometimes bouquet. Or the syntax jagged here, balletic there. Or the metaphors, good lord. But the bottom line is that when reading poems in A Guide to Undressing Your Monsters, one after the next, I kept saying to myself, probably twisting my face a little bit or squirming in my seat, “Goddamn, Sam Sax can write some poems.” –Ross Gay, author of Bringing the Shovel Down

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