Meet Me at the Lighthouse by Mary Jayne Baker

meet me at the lighthouse.jpg

If you are in the mood for a light and feel good adventure, I’d recommend Meet Me at the Lighthouse.

The premise of the the book is that on the day Bobbie Hannigan turns 28, she buys a lighthouse and meets the love of her life. The love of her life is not a stranger, in fact he’s Ross Mason – the first boy she ever kissed. It’s Ross’s uncle that owns the lighthouse and he is willing to sell it for one pound, just to be rid of it. So Bobbie buys it and over a few drinks, her and Ross decide to turn the lighthouse into a music venue.

The attraction between Bobbie and Ross is apparent from the outset, however Ross is in the process of separating from his wife – so the partnership between Bobbie and Ross must remain strictly business. However, it’s hard to fight feelings that never go away.

While at times a little preposterous, the story is a sweet and engaging one. If you love stories based in small towns, with lots of family drama and laughs – you’ll love this. The story, while somewhat predictable, has a few unexpected twists and turns. And if you love a man who writes songs for his girl, you’ll positively melt for Ross Mason. Overall the perfect beach read!

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