A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay

a head full of ghosts.jpg

I enjoyed this but I think it was going to be slightly better than I thought.

Merry is 8 and her 14 year old sister Marjorie is possessed. Or is she?

Fifteen years later, Merry is being interviewed for a tell-all book about the possession and the resulting reality tv show, The Possession, that came out of it.

A dark twisty easy-to-read story that has some good twists. What I liked about it is the complete lack of clarity over whether Merry is possessed or if she is putting it on. What might be the devil, might also be a teenage girl crying out for help.

Definitely worth reading, and I’m going to read his other novels, but I’d skip the post-novel material, in particular his notes on each chapter – the novel doesn’t really warrant this kind of introspection and the author’s clear love of horror is fine within the context of the novel and the character of Merry but by this point, it’s a little grating. Also, don’t set up a clearly ambiguous moment in the story that you purposely don’t explain, only to poke the bear by pretty much explaining it in the notes, but not really.

Also, it’s been optioned to be a movie, and will definitely be a good movie.


You can reserve a copy on South Dublin Libraries’ catalogue here.

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