Finish by Jon Acuff


Are you one of the 92% of people don’t finish their goals? Did you make a New Years resolution and make great strides in the first few weeks, only to struggle and give up before your goal was finished? If yes, then you need to read Finish by Jon Acuff.

Finish is the follow-up to Acuff’s popular book ‘Start’ – that as you guessed, is all about how to set up a project for success and have a strong start. After writing ‘Start’, Acuff was getting messages from people who had success with Start but were struggling to finish their projects. When Acuff read that 92% of people don’t finish their goals, he knew he had to investigate further and see what obstacles were preventing people from realizing their dreams.

In ‘Finish’ Acuff recommends taking six action steps to finish your goals:

1. Cut your goal in half.
2. Choose what to bomb.
3. Make it fun if you want it done.
4. Leave your hiding places and ignore noble obstacles.
5. Get rid of your secret rules.
6. Use data to celebrate your imperfect progress.

These sound simple enough but Acuff really does break down each step in his witty way and help you identify exactly what you need to do. What I really enjoyed about this book was that Acuff gives plenty of exercises to do, so the book is hands on.

If you really struggle with productivity and perfectionism, this would be the best book I could recommend on the topic. There is no BS and the book is written in an approachable way. Read this and finish your goals!

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