Saturday Night at the Greyhound by John Hampson

satudday nirhgt

I love Valancourt Books. They publish lots of out of print horror and out of print LGBT fiction. They republished my favourite novel – In the Eyes of Mr Fury – in a completely revised edition, and they are republishing lots of the 70s paperbacks featured in Paperbacks from Hell.

This, however. God I hated this.

This short novel (110 pages) was about 50 pages too long. There was no story. Everything was overdescribed and then overdescribed again. All of the characters kept repeating how the new owners were likely to fail. And then they repeated it again. I forced myself to finish it, and regretted it.

Also, I have issue with this being under Gay Literature – the blurb says that the Landlady’s brother, Tom, is gay, but you wouldn’t really know from the book. One woman finds her ‘charms’ don’t work on him, and that’s about it.

Just very disappointing. That said, don’t let this put anyone off Valancourt! I can thoroughly recommend the following: In the Eyes of Mr Fury (gay fiction), Flamingoes in Orbit (short stories/gay fiction), The Elementals (horror)


You can reserve the following on South Dublin Libraries’ catalogue:
Saturday Night at the Greyhound / In the Eyes of Mr Fury / Flamingoes in Orbit / The Elementals

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