The Babysitter by Jessica Gadziala



He went to the woods to get away from it all. His past, the demons ever at his heels. And, perhaps most importantly, people.
One million miles away from anyone.
Save for the occasional visit from a client he had to endure.
And that was exactly the way he liked it.
Until one night, he finds her.
Battered, scarred, tortured by the memories, in need of a safe haven.
So he does the unthinkable.
He offers to share his with her.
It’s not long before feelings start to arise.
Yet the demons refuse to stay at bay.
And two fractured people will have to see if it is possible to come together… without breaking everything apart.


The Babysitter is the fifth book in Jessica Gadziala’s Professionals Series. 

Ranger lives in Pine Barrens woods which is owned by the government and well he’s not exactly supposed to be there. But the years pass and he is still left alone in his safe haven deep in the woods. Ranger has a self-sufficient cabin that he shares with his dogs, goats and Hens. He can go months without seeing another person. He’s works for Quin and helps with people that need to disappear for awhile

He hears things within the Woods and usually leaves things alone but one night he hears something he can’t ignore, a woman’s scream. What he finds is a woman who has been brutally attacked and left for dead.

This was one hell of a read and a little darker then Jessica has done for a while but let me say I really enjoyed how Meadow found herself within Rangers safe haven and then in turn helped pulled Ranger out of himself. This was a fantastic 5 star read for me.

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