Ginny Moon by Benjamin Ludwig

ginny moon pic.jpg

Ginny Moon is 14 years old. She was removed from the care of her abusive mother Gloria when she was nine years old and now lives with her Forever Family. Ginny has autism and exhibits some unusual behaviours. For example, she eats exactly 9 grapes with her breakfast in the morning, and she keeps her mouth closed when she’s thinking so that nobody can see her thoughts. Things are going well for Ginny until her forever mum has a child of her own. Then her behaviour begins to plummet and she starts to obsess about her Baby Doll, which got left behind when she was taken away. Gloria comes back into the picture again and Ginny is eager to reconnect with her, leading to some interesting outcomes.

I loved this book, I have an interest in autism and Asperger’s so Ginny’s voice appealed to me from the beginning. This was a quick read with one or two unexpected turns in the story. I’d recommend it for someone who wants to read something a little bit different.


You can reserve a copy online at South Dublin Libraries’ catalogue here.

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