Chain of Fools by Richard Stevenson

chain of fools

This is the sixth Donald Strachey mystery (they can, of course, be read in any order). Don is a gay PI from Albany, and his boyfriend, Timothy Callahan, usually prominently features also. These are a very enjoyable series – four of which were made into movies (Shock to the System, Third Man Out, On the Other Hand Death and Ice Blues) which I’d also recommend.

Whilst not the strongest of mysteries in the series, it was an enjoyable enough romp centered around a family warring over selling their newspaper. A good, breezy read. Part of my summer reading, for which I want to read the ones I haven’t (about half – there’s 16, with the newest out this year!). I would recommend though – if you were reading this of the first time to start with the first Death Trick (which is the only pre-AIDS Strachey novel) and my favourite, Shock to the System which is set in a gay conversion therapy clinic.

There shall be more reviews of this series coming!

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