Out of Step: A Memoir by Anthony Moll

out of step

Occasionally, if I’m bored and looking for new things, I’ll search on amazon for books and low prices – Amazon tends to discount a title heavily when they’ve only one copy in stock – and see what I can find, and usually, due to the discount, I’ll find four or five new books that I’ve been meaning to read. This was one of them.

A very worth winner of the 2019 Lambda Literary Award for Bisexual Nonfiction, Out of Step, is a memoir in essays about a teenage, working class, bisexual boy who joins the military pre-Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. When he joined, he did so knowing his sexuality and was, in his words “a pink-haired queer punk” and it was interesting to see how he fared in the military.

This short book, written in essays, packs a lot into its short page count. From talking about his life before, to his experience of being a bi soldier, to dating women on base, to having dalliances with other male soldiers, to experiencing war (or not), to his job as a K-9 handler, and his queer friends in the military. This is a book about someone fully becoming themselves, and a fascinating read. Recommended.

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