The Middle Man by Jessica Gadziala

middle man


Gemma was always searching for a cause.
She was never afraid to risk something if it meant benefiting the greater good.
But what happens when that risk becomes more than she can handle alone?
Is she willing to risk those around her if it means protecting hundreds of innocent lives?

Lincoln was always searching for Miss Right.
He was never afraid to fall if falling meant he’d land in love.
But what happens when Miss Right turns out to be someone he shouldn’t want?
Is he willing to risk the relationships he has with his friends and family if it means winning the love of a woman he can’t be without?


5 Middle Man Stars

The Middle Man is the 6th book in the Professionals Series by Jessica Gadziala. It tells Lincoln and Gemma’s amazing story. Gemma is this free spirit who looks everyone and just wants to make sure the world her loved ones live in is a good place. She is soft and kind, with a smile forever on her face but when Lincoln finds her in the safe house at work he knows something isn’t right. He has to help get that free spirit smile back on her face if it’s the last thing he does. Lincoln, who is forever seeking his dream relationship and just wants his happy ever after, thinks he’s never going to get it. Every relationship ends with him being bored or he’s taken advantage off. He feels it’s never going to happen for him.

Thrown together unexpectedly, Lincoln is looking out for Gemma so she is staying with him for a while. They fall into a very comfortable routine and it’s not boring and he is benefiting from it as well with Gemma’s wonderful cooking.

Can something so unexpected end up being the happy ever after he was looking for?

This was such a lovely read. I loved Lincoln and his sense of humour. I felt for Gemma so badly as she just wanted to do the right thing. The secondary characters like always with Jessica’s books are the bomb. I love this, its makes a book for me. I love that Jessica can suck you into the world of Navesbank.

It was a 5 star Suspense with a sweet romantic twist. A must read from me and can’t wait for the next book in the Professional series.

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