The Rise of Ferryn by Jessica Gadziala



She left a broken girl.
Damaged in a way no one should ever be.
But determined to make a difference in the world.

She stayed away.
Training. Learning. Hardening.
Bending and breaking herself into what she needed to become to

fulfill her mission in life.
Something righteous, but wicked in its own way.

She returned a warrior.
There were promises left unfulfilled.
Questions left unanswered.
Hearts to be unbroken.
Maybe most especially her own.


The Rise of Ferryn by Jessica Gadziala is a long awaited book for Jessica’s book fans. It tells the story of Ferryn a kick ass girl that turns into a woman. After The Fall of V we didn’t know where Ferryn had gone or what she was doing.

From the first line of this book I was hooked. I wanted to know what her mission was and what she needed to do to get there. Her survival, her training and her dedication to complete her mission that she had set for herself so many years ago.

But when she returns home to face her family and friends she’s hoping they will forgive her and not judge where her journey has left her. Does she still have feeling for Vance, can she even still love not only her family but anyone. These are questions and uncertainties that she has going through her mind has she rides back into Navesink Bank.

“I killed myself to be reborn into the body and mind and soul of someone who could do what needed to be done. I didn’t do all of that just to shrug it off like a sweater that no longer fit right, go back to my old life, be that old person.”

Ferryn’s story is a great end for her but it introduces so many great and exciting newer generation from the Henchmen Legacy series and to Navesink Bank. Fallon, Finn, West, and Colson to name but a few characters that I can’t wait to hear from. Great secondary characters are a must for me and Jessica does them so well. They make a story great and it was no different in the Rise of Ferryn! Another must read and 5 stars from me.


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