The Sleepover by Samantha King


Who would you trust to keep your child safe? is the tagline on the front of this book. Nick is a shy 12 year old who, having been routinely bullied, has isolated himself socially. So it is a great surprise and delight to his mother when he asks to go to his first sleepover. However the morning after the sleepover when his mother, Izzy, goes to pick him up, she faces every parent’s worst nightmare; Nick has disappeared.

I really enjoyed this book there were enough potential suspects for who may have taken Nick that I was left guessing and the actual perpetrator came as a surprise. There was a nice pace to the story, and it didn’t drag out or lose my interest at any stage. The characters were realistic and not all likeable. I found Nick’s stepfather Craig to be controlling and at times quite threatening.

Overall a good read, not too graphic, but just descriptive enough to be unsettling!


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