This Life: A Novelisation by Sam Colman

this life

Back in the mid-90’s, I knew this was the show for me when my elder sister, who also watched it herself, was appalled that 14 year old me was watching it. But how could I not, it was everywhere. The first series, on its repeat airing, in the run-up to the second, became the biggest TV show in years. Set in London, in a townhouse which five lawyers shared, it was about their messy loves and lives, but there was a honest queerness that I responded deeply to, in the characters of Warren and Ferdy.

So, when I saw this novelisation, I knew I had to have it, despite worrying that, honestly, it would be terrible, because if you’ve read a novelisation before, you’ll know – unless they’re written by novelisation standouts like Alan Dean Foster – they’re usually uniformly terrible.

This, however, delightedly, was not. Written by William Sutcliffe, under the pen name Sam Colman, who had then recently published his first novel, New Boy, it manages to capture the tone of the series very well. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the series, so I’m not sure how much was lifted directly from the script, but I liked the addition here and there of some inner thoughts of the characters – I had forgotten how much of a homophobe Miles was (which, of course, was there in the series).

Honestly, a rollicking good read that I would recommend to fans of the series, who can certainly pick this up for cheap now, and relive their favourite tv series from back in the day!


You can reserve a copy online from South Dublin Libraries’ catalogue here.

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