The Autiobiography of Special Agent Dale Cooper: My Life, My Tapes by Scott Frost

my life my tapes

The first thing I downloaded when I got broadband (remember when that was a new thing that was just being introduced) was Twin Peaks. I had heard so much about it but never seen it, and once I did I fell deeply in love with its strange beauty, a love that remains to this day.

Having read the other books (The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer, The Secret History of Twin Peaks), this was one that has been woefully out of print (and I’m not sure why – The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer was reprinted a few years ago) since its first publication in 1991. Thankfully, the internet doth provide, and I was delighted it did.

This book is wonderful. Documenting Dale’s life from his childhood right up to when he enters Twin Peaks for the first time, it is a beautifully written book that captures Dale’s voice perfectly. The book purports to be a transcription of his tapes throughout the years, from his very first when his dad gets him a tape recorder as a child, and if tiny Dale isn’t adorable.

Lots of fascinating info here, and a first hand account of “what went on in Pittsburgh” which became really important to have fleshed out in the second half of Season Two! If you can get your hands on a copy, I would recommend it, although the cheapest secondhand copy I can find is $90, but if you’re a true fan, as Dale himself would say: “Every day, once a day, give yourself a present!”

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