How We Fight For Our Lives by Saeed Jones

how we fight for our lives

I love a good autobiography/memoir. It’s a window into someone else’s world and the experiences they’ve lived. Unfortunately, in this book, very little of interest actually happens, and that is my main complaint.

Jones is somewhat a cause celebre as a poet (although he is mainly known as someone who works for Buzzfeed) and this was eagerly anticipated and highly lauded, however, plainly, it is just boring. It was very short, and even then, it was a struggle to read. As I mentioned, very little out of the ordinary happened – Saeed struggled with his sexuality and his relationship with his mother – and when figuring himself, had sex with lots of people. That’s about it. And to be honest, not really enough to base a memoir on.

A flimsy, unsatisfying and utterly dull read.


You can reserve a copy online at South Dublin Libraries’ catalogue here.

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